Chasing Cheerios

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Mother's Day Gift

Are you getting tired of Mother's Day posts yet? I hope not because I have one more after this one :) I bought several plain canvas bags (from Hobby Lobby...when they were on sale, of course) months and months ago for O to decorate for her grandmamas for Mother's Day.

I taped off a frame on the bag and set her loose with a bunch of fabric markers. She enjoyed "making art" on the first one, but lost interest before she did much on the second one. She finished them this morning, and we traced her hand on them, too. This was a fun and easy gift that I hope her grandmamas will enjoy.

Here is the other side of the bag. It has 4 pockets which are meant for pictures, but we put the other small gifts for the grandmas in them. In addition to the things I've already posted about, we made craft foam ornaments. It's not really the right season for Christmas ornaments, but my mom requested a handprint ornament, and we forgot to make it at Christmastime. I decided it's better late than never!


  1. OMG--I own that Sesame Street plate (in the background of the 1st photo!) It was mine when I was little & now my son eats lunch off of it!!

    BTW--the bag is adorable, too!

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