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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Around the World- Library Activity Kit

Last week's library activity kit was called "Around the World." It came with 5 books about children from different countries. Each book focuses on a different aspect of their lives- housing, eating, travel, etc. The books were great, and O really enjoyed them. She also loved this puzzle with different children in their various outfits. In addition to the books and puzzles, we studied a globe and completed the contintents map while singing the continents song. I told O that we live in North America, and she said that when I was in her tummy we lived in South America (she's ALWAYS telling me stories about when she was the mama and I was the baby in her tummy).

She was intrigued by this map from Let's Explore. (Ours is the mini-version, but I REALLY wish I'd bought the larger version as it would be much easier to work with.)


We also read A Ride on Mother's Back and talked about the different countries in the book:)


  1. Maddy in VermontJune 1, 2009 at 6:29 AM

    A Huge Hello, Melissa! I am loving this wonderful "world" activity. We are such a global community that I think it is so important for children to learn about our neighbors.

    I must also say, a big, big, big, thank you for directing me to LET'S EXPLORE a little while back. I asked you where to purchase the feelings game. You said that this company had it. It is called Feeleez. It is an amazing matching game but sooo much more! You and Let's Explore are just so nice and so helpful!

    I am so glad that we all live in this beautiful world of ours today on June 1st!! Happy June to you and your family.

    Sending My Best Good Thoughts

  2. I love this! My son is always interested in where things are and how far away they are, etc. I'm on the look out right now for a good map and globe so that we can learn about all of the wonderful places!

  3. Maddy- I'm so glad that was the game you were looking for :)

  4. i am going to spend some time catching up on your blog! where did you find the globe pillow? thanks!

  5. The globe pillow was a Christmas gift, but I *think* I've seen them in the Hearthsong catalog.