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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun in the Garden

We were so happy that O and Guh-guh prepared and planted our earthboxes for us one day when Elliott and I were at work. We decided to primarily garden using earthboxes this summer instead of planting a large traditional garden. Last year our grape tomato plants grew to over 6 feet tall and produced grape tomatoes until October. We are hoping for similar results this summer!

They also planted flowers in O's window box on her deck playhouse.

O loves to help Guh-guh & Grandpa in the garden at their house, too. She helps spray the bugs off the lettuce, water the lettuce, and pick it for our daily salads :)


  1. That is lovely. I like that it's not so big scale as we are beginner's gardeners, but still yields plenty.

  2. I think that I will be doing something similar this year.

    By the way, O's strawberry hat is darling!

  3. Looks great! Did you make your own earth boxes or did you buy them?

  4. Wow...look at the lettuce crop. Impressive.

  5. I am dying to plant some veggies that our dog won't dig up. I read your blog from time to time and saw these great bins you put yours in. Can you tell me where you got them and if you drilled holes, etc. to prep them? Thanks!

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog posts. Your gardening post caught my eye and I ghought I'd share our gardening experience this Spring: