Chasing Cheerios

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Magnolia Leaves Crown

When I called to check on O while I was at work on Friday, my mom told me that O was really enjoying playing with Magnolia leaves. I suggested making a Magnolia leaf crown, and they did! O calls it her "marrying hat" because she loves to pretend to get married. (She also gives birth to multiple babies each day!)

To make the crown my mom cut a piece of cardboard to fit around O's head and stapled it into a circle. She then stapled Magnolia leaves all around the cardboard circle. It doesn't get any easier than that!


  1. Fantastic idea thank you

  2. i love this idea! i think i'll do this with my daughter this weekend, and link to it on my blog - - as my little one loves a good crowning moment! the funniest part of this blog to me was that you said your daughter gives birth several times a day... mine, too!!! she is obsessed with having to "be pregnant with quadruplets!!!!" whenever she sleeps... meaning four stuffed animals go up her shirt. yep, her tiny PJs are all stretched out into tiny maternity clothes now. kids are hilarious!