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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paper Clip/Craft Foam Color Match

We've done several paper clip color match activities, and this is the most recent one. The idea for this activity came from another blog, and as usual I can't find it on my starred items on google reader (that is what happens when you have over 800 starred items!). To make the color match activity, I cut strips of craft foam and hooked them together using a brad. I showed O how to match the paper clips to the craft foam by sliding them onto the foam strips.

This activity was very difficult for O because the craft foam is very bendy. I will probably remake this activity for her using cardstock.


  1. We do this activity too, and yes, it's MUCH easier using cardstock!We also had the brad, and ended up taking that out too so there was only one strip at a time to handle - it keeps the frustration level a lot lower. :) Love your blog!

  2. We also do this activity and we don't use the brad and it makes it a little easier for their little hands. I also love you blog! :)

  3. I love your craft ideas, thanks for sharing. We did the ice-cake and my boys had a wonderful 2 hour time chipping away at that ice, & I tried the moon sand and the boys enjoyed it OUTSIDE...

    Thanks again, good luck with that sweet baby-coming.

  4. Awesome, yet another idea for my Colors basket!

  5. Cute - we did something similar to this using the paint swatches from the hardware store, matching the color paperclips to the paint swatch. Fun isn't it! :)