Chasing Cheerios

Friday, August 28, 2009

O's Dress-Up Area

O loves to play dress-up, but she was losing interest in it until we set up a dress-up area for her. I took her dresses out of her dress-up suitcase and hung them on accordian style hanger on the wall. We also hung a full length mirror on the bathroom door next to the dresses. She LOVES to sing and dance in front of the mirror!


  1. I LOVE your blog. You have such amazing ideas! Thank you so very much for posting all of your ideas for all of us to read. You inspire so many mothers.

    P.S. Where is Little Kicker?!?!! I'm sure you are so ready to have her! I check in each day and I am surprised to see a post. I hope she comes soon for you and your family. Best of luck to you.

  2. THanks!
    Where is LIttle Kicker???? That is a VERY good question. She's nice and cozy in her tummy home, and she's in no hurry to exit. My due date is tomorrow, and I am shocked that she is not here. I'm hoping that she's just been waiting for her daddy's birthday, which is also tomorrow. We'll see...