Chasing Cheerios

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun with Goop!

O and I had fun making goop last weekend! She loves anything messy, and I thought ahead and made the goop down by the lake which made clean-up VERY easy :) To make goop we mixed cornstarch and water. It works better to use equal parts water and cornstarch, but O insisted on adding much too much water. That was still worked, and we had fun. We also added in food coloring. We started with yellow and blue to make green. Then she added in red and green and ended up with brown. Eventually, she took the goop down to the beach and experimented with adding sand to the mixture. We were both excited when Elliott joined in on our fun with goop!


  1. Just curious...when you add food coloring to different recipes (goop, play dough, art projects, etc.) does it stain O's hands?

  2. Looks fun! I have added you to my Homeschool blog so I can see your updates and share with friends.I just found you last week. So fun! I think making goop might be in our future very soon. My girls would love that!

  3. we love goop around here! We just made it yesterday as well, actually. To extend the interest in ours, I handed my daughter and her friends paint brushes and they went to town painting the sidewalk... all to be washed away with the next rain!