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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Family Reunion Activity

We hosted our annual family reunion at our house this past weekend, and I don't think anyone was surprised that I had an activity planned for everyone :) I made a sign with the questions "Did you know...?" and "Do you remember...?" on a piece of cardstock along with blank notecards and markers that I put in a basket. I instructed everyone that each person was expected to write at least one notecard with a little known family fact or a family memory. O even wrote a card and read it to everyone. It said "O loves to read," (her version of this :) and she sang and danced as she sang "O loves to read" over and over again. I think my family was shocked that shy, quiet me has produced such an outgoing little performer :)

I was very surprised and pleased by how well received this activity was. Conversations were sparked when people were thinking about what to write, and further stories and memories were sparked when I read the cards after lunch. I plan to put the notecards in a scrapbook and add to it with new memories and facts each year. This activity was inspired by a similar activity in Family Fun magazine.


  1. What a FANTASTIC idea!! I'll have to keep that in mind! And I love the scrapbooking idea too!

    ~ Jennifer