Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Lesson Learned...

Don't let your kiddo "decorate" the box from IKEA until after you open it to make sure you bought the right thing! O had a fantastic time coloring the box and then pretending like it was a stage for dancing. Then, Elliott opened the box to put together the shelf and discovered that my sister had bought the wrong thing for us...I wonder if IKEA will take it back since it is so beautifully decorated. I also wonder when in the world we are going to find the time to go ALL the way to IKEA...maybe Christmas :(


  1. Similar experience here. If you email them and tell them how far away the store is and there is no possible way.... someone might take pity of you and let you work something out! They did it for me!

  2. oh yeah Ikea is always out of the way doesn't matter where you live. They didn't put the safety strap in the high chair and I called and they told me it would be faster to go to a store. I said really? I don't think so send me one LOL