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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Activity Kit

O loves the magnifiying glasses and the bugs in the plastic blocks!
I am so excited that the library has Activity Kits that I can check out!!! I just happened to notice a sign for them when I was checking out my books. I asked what they were, and the librarian directed me to the children's librarian. I asked her about the kits, and she started off by telling me that I had to sign a form agreeing to pay 50 dollars if any parts were broken or lost. She seemed to be trying to scare me into not wanting one (I'm pretty sure she just didn't want to get up from her seat- she was surfing the internet and looked tired). I said ok and signed the form. There was a long list of Activity Kits to choose from, and I chose the kit about spiders. I showed it to O when I got home, and she was super excited. We are going to explore it more on Friday. After we read the book and explore the other items in the kit, we'll go outside and look at spiders. We have LOTS of them (one of the perks of living at the lake!). I am looking forward to checking out a different Activity Kit each week along with our books and cds.

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