Chasing Cheerios

Monday, October 22, 2007

Plans for this week- October 22

- Take the magnifiying containers from the activity kit outside and catch bugs to observe
- play "Where is it?" using red and blue cups
- thread new, small spools onto pipe cleaner
- talk about the color orange
- count small pumpkins
- practice wearing halloween costumes
- take at least one nature walk per day
- go out in the pedal boat - find the moon, watch the birds, find and label other objects- balls, boats, slides, lights, trees, docks, etc.
- do knobbed puzzles
- do sorting activity
- Read LOTS of books
- Play in the grass and collect lots of acorns and gumballs (this is O's favorite outside activity)
- Play with the hula hoop and talk about circles
- Make and play with cardboard shape puzzles
- sing, dance, and sign while listening to "Pick Me Up"

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