Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, October 18, 2007

O's Porch Playroom

We set up a playroom for O on our screened porch a few months ago. We have lots of fun playing out there in her rice pit and at the nature table.


  1. What guided your decision to use rice instead of sand? Is it different (better) sensory input or is it for ease of cleaning? My mother bought my children a water/sand table and I haven't filled it yet. After seeing your post, I'm considering rice. Any thoughts?

  2. O has a sand box, but I like the rice better. Its easier to clean up, and it doesn't stick to her the way sand does. Its definitely a better choice if you are planning on having it in your house or on a porch. However,we do love our sandbox, too. Hope that helps!

  3. Rice Pitt???!!! You have no idea how much I LOVE this idea!!