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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

There's Never Enough Time

Making tiny pumpkins with orange pladoh yesterday.
There's never enough time to do everything we want to do in a day. O and I were very busy today, but we somehow ran out of time before coloring and playing with orange playdoh. She didn't mind, but I really wanted to get those activities in today. Oh, well. She had lots of fun playing "where is it?" with the red and blue cups. She's not too interested in threading the small spools with pipe cleaners, but she loves to put the spools in a cup and then transfer them to another cup. She's also been practicing her pouring skills by pouring them from one cup to another. We had a really nice nature walk today. O rode in the wagon and was very excited to touch the bark on several trees. She holds her hand up to a tree and says "bark." (She's overgeneralizing a bit and is holding her hand up to the wall and saying "bark.") We found several pretty flowers on our walk. O was super excited. She loves to hold and smell flowers. We also found brown, red, and green leaves and a few pinecones. We saw lots of spiders, spiderwebs, squirrels, birds, trees, etc. We enjoyed putting acorns, leaves, grass, etc into the magnifying glass holder (from the activity kit). We are looking forward to another fun day tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll make it to storytime at the library.

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