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Monday, October 29, 2007

Questions for O

We've been asking O lots of questions lately, and she loves answering us. This is one of her favorite new activities. I started asking her "What is on the outside of trees?" after she started talking about bark all of the time. She knew exactly what I was talking about and said, "bahk." I told my dad about it, and he implied that she didn't know what she was saying and that she would say "bahk" to any question that we asked her. Of course, I had to prove him wrong, so I asked her, "What do we see in the sky at night?" She said, "moon," the 1st time I ever asked her! I was shocked. We were walking in the woods with Melanie, Marg, and my dad, and they didn't hear her the 1st time, but she's kept on answering the questions correctly. Since then I've added a few more questions. "What do we read? book," "What do we throw? ball," "What do we smell with? nose," and "What animal says meow? cat." She answered book and ball correctly the 2nd time I asked. When I ask the smell question she sniffes, but she won't say nose. She's answered the meow question once, but usually she just meows back at us. This is a fun activity, and I am going to continue adding more questions because O loves this so much.

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