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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sneak Peek

Guh-guh just ordered these bunny baby necklaces for M and O for Easter, and I am SO excited! They are adorable. You MUST check out this etsy store. I'm planning on reviewing these necklaces after Guh-guh and Grandpa give them to the girls for Easter, so make sure to check back :)


  1. Absolutely precious. I just went to that Etsy store and bought my daughter the butterfly necklace with the caterpillar inside; she is crazy about butterflies. It will be a perfect addition to her Easter basket. Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Those are adorable! I'm hoping she puts a few more up in her store - I'm sure you'll be keeping her busy with your word-of-mouth!

  3. These are so sweet - thanks for sharing!

  4. It's wonderful! I'll definitely have to add it to my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Christy- I LOVE the butterfly! If O likes the carrot and bunny necklace, I'm going to ask if she will make a blue butterfly for O for her birthday :)

    Jen- I'm sure she'll make one for you if you request it. I requested that she make a second one, and she had it ready the next day!

  6. this is adorable!!!!!!
    I went and it was sold out!! bummer.
    I will check back later.
    thanks for sharing.

  7. Melissa,

    You really need to check out these books on how to make similar homemade toys.

    Creative Play for your toddler and Creative Play for your baby by Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol.

    Mommy Me from the Wonder Years recommended these and I love them. I instantly thought of you and how you love to make homemade gifts for O and your soon-to-arrive babe!

  8. Thanks, Koko's mama! I read about these books recently (don't know where) and I added them to my wish list. I think I'm going to buy them for myself for my birthday!