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Monday, March 30, 2009

Stergonostic Bag

To do this activity you need a bag with matching geometric pairs. I have a bin of wooden items that I ordered from Casey's Wood Supply, and they seemed perfect for this activity. The child wears a blindfold and uses her sense of touch to find matching objects.


I introduced the stergonostic bag to O on Sunday afternoon. She seemed to enjoy it and did fairly well. On Monday, she had more difficulty and didn't want to wear the blindfold.


The Tinies often join in on our Montessori fun!


  1. I love your ideas, and I like the fact that you post ideas that don't work well in addition to the ones that do.

    My 27 month-old is very bright - has been doing complex puzzles since 15 months old, can sight read dozens of words, etc. Yet he seems to have very little patience compared to O for structured activities or games. He will often do an activity only once or not at all and he always wants to use the materials his own way. Very frustrating for me at times since I know he's so capable, though I know he's learning a ton in his own way.

    Anyway, thanks for all the ideas.

  2. Hey There!
    I must say, I found your blog while browsing others, and I just LOVE your collection of inspiring ideas and fun adventures, you are such a inspiration!
    I don't have children yet, but am a nanny and a preschool teacher in my church, and have a huge passion for children learning through abnormal teaching methods. Yours is truely a site I will be refrenecing to VERY much so when I have my own children! Keep doing what you're doing!
    my blog:
    I'd LOVE to know how you started getting so interested in all these ideas and methods, your story.

  3. Thanks, everyone!

    Rachel- I've always been interested in childhood education, and my 1st job (at 15 years of age) was as a teacher's assistant for special needs kids during summer school. I continued this interest by becoming a School Psychologist and working with students with learning disabilities on-one-one in an afterschool reading remediation program. I always knew that I would stay home with my children, and I love to provide fun learning opportunities for O daily. Early on I became interested in the Montessori method, but I certainly don't only do Montessori activities with her. My mom provided a very similar environment for my siblings and I when we were growing up. Although, she was unlucky enough to not have the internet :) I'm so glad for the internet and the tremendous wealth of information and ideas that I am able to find and use in our daily lives. So...there's the brief version of "my story." :)

  4. I love this too. I would be interested to know what you ordered from the wood supply place. I am thinking of ordering shapes and some mini clothespins to encourage fine motor skills, although I don't know what exactly we'll do with the clothespins.

  5. You always post such fantastic activities. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I nominated you for a blog award today. Come check it out! :)