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Friday, March 27, 2009

Texture Collage

O has had a great time working on her texture collage for the last 3 days! The idea for this activity came from Montessori Mama (I think).

I collected lots of different objects of different textures, including foam shapes, cotton balls, bits of sandpaper, beads, toothpicks, rubber bands, aluminum foil, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc., and put them in this container for O.


Then I taped a piece of contact paper sticky side out on the glass door. O has had a great time sticking different objects on the contact paper. She especially loves the foam shapes and cotton balls. She thought it was "cool" that she put the cotton balls on the paper, and some of it stayed when she pulled the cotton ball off the paper. She also stuck a couple of balloons on the collage. I intended for her to put use deflated balloons, but she insisted that I blow them up. I was surprised that they stuck to the collage, but she didn't leave them up for long :)


O has enjoyed working on this texture collage so much that I've left it up on the door. I think I may switch it out for new contact paper once a week, so it can be her ongoing art project :) Next time I think I'll give her a selection of construction paper cut into various shapes or tissue paper to tear into bits (we have tons since I save it from all birthday parties. Yes, most people think I'm crazy, but I don't mind.)



  1. That is a lovely idea. Dirk would love doing that. :)

  2. This is a great idea. I love how simple it is, but she obviously loves it =)

  3. So funny, I just did this activity with my daughter a few days ago! She's only 14 months old, but LOVED it as she could actually do it pretty much by herself!

    I love the idea of putting on a glass door, I just taped it to the wall.

  4. We did this today and had a GREAT time! Thanks so much!

  5. My 4 year old is doing this right now and he LOVES it! Great idea! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for this idea. It kept my 2 year-old son occupied for at least 30 minutes which is amazing. Like you, I plan on leaving it up and replacing when it gets full. He seems to enjoy coming back and adding to the collage.

    One idea that I thought of, is to draw a shape on the contact paper,such as a heart, with a black marker and then offer (or have them help) pieces of torn tissue paper to be placed within the shape. It has a "stained glass" window effect to it.