Chasing Cheerios

Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching Critters

O was very excited to catch a large grasshopper when we were at G & G's house last week. Luckily, my mom saved my sister's critter box, and it was the perfect temporary home while O observed the grasshopper. She also planned to catch a few rolie polies for the critter box, but she couldn't find any. She was satisfied with filling the box with leaves :)


  1. I loved playing with those critter boxes when I was little. My brother and I both had one, and we would catch lighting bugs every evening in the summer. I liked to catch lizards too :)

  2. We would visit Georgia in the summers when I was little and catch an abundance of lighting bugs! (and of course, let them go afterwards). Then, back home in Southern Florida, I would catch lizards. Here, in SC, my daughter has to be resigned to catching "ickier" things.