Chasing Cheerios

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Nature Collage

O and her grandaddy had a great time taking a nature walk to gather items for making this beautiful nature collage! To make the collage, O and I taped a piece of contact paper (sticky side out) to our glass door. Then she and her grandaddy arranged the items on the paper. They had to use extra tape for some of the heavier pieces.


  1. I love this boy's gramma and grampa are coming to visit...I'm going to suggest this to them...thanks!

  2. You guys do the coolest things. How great that her grand-dad wants to do that kind of stuff with her.

  3. you ought to link up to Tree Hugging Tots: Kids Explore Nature for a chance to win Nature Circle Cards you would love them as much as I do: