Chasing Cheerios

Monday, September 21, 2009

Creative Play with Marbles

Guh-guh recently bought a bag of marbles at a thrift store (665 marbles for 4 dollars!) and they have been quite a hit! Guh-guh had everyone in the family guess how many marbles there were before she counted them...we were all way off :) The girls (O and my niece) have had so much fun sorting the marbles, having marble parties, playing with shells along with the marbles, having a marble shop and selling marbles, and making signs telling the cats not to eat the marbles (I didn't tell them that cats can't read!). What fun!


  1. Great fun for kids! I love their love for the simplest things.

  2. Marbles are a huge hit around here too!

  3. What an awesome deal for those marbles! And the sign for the cats is such a cute story!