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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Crinkly Taggie Square for Baby

Last week I made several crinkly taggie squares for Little Kicker and our new cousin. (maybe she's making us wait so long because she knows we're making things for her...) These fabric squares were very easy and quick to make.

1) Cut out 2 squares of coordinating fabric. I made my squares 5 x 5. Cut a piece of crinkly paper to fit the squares. I used a cereal bag.

2) Pin the cereal bag square to the wrong side of one piece of fabric.

3) Sew around the edges.

4) Pin the two fabrics right side to right side with a ribbon sandwiched between them on each side. Sew around the edges, and don't forget to leave a small opening for turning.

5) Trim the corners, turn, and topstitch. My mom did the topstitching, since I still have trouble sewing a straight line :)

I'm REALLY happy with how these turned out! The idea for this project came from a link on a friend's facebook page. Her tutorial is much better than mine :)


  1. LOVE IT! So simple yet so fun! I am going to put this on my to do list! I made the Giraffe that you made! It turned out great. Thanks for the tutorials! I posted about it if you want to see!

  2. When you say "cereal bag" what do you mean?

  3. The bag that the cereal is in in a cereal box. We use them for EVERYTHING! I spread them out when O plays with putty, we used them when we make cookie dough, etc. I don't buy waxed paper at all...we just reuse cereal bags :)

  4. Cute! You know the fabric "minkee"? Every time I sew with it I end up cranky because I find it so slippery, and I swear I won't sew with it again. When I was pregnant, I remember we joked that he wouldn't come out until I made him a minkee blanket. I sewed up a little one and it did the trick.

  5. how cute! i love the idea of reusing cereal bags! thanks :)

  6. I love these so much and have been wanting to make them forever! BUT I DON"T KNOW HOW TO SEW!!! It is killing me!

  7. These turned out adorable- now I need some babies to make them for! :)

  8. I've been thinking about making a bunch of these squares...some with squeakers inside, bells, etc. Thanks for posting about this. It seems more manageable to see your pictures.

  9. this is a great idea!! And i love the ikea fabric :)

  10. What a wonderful blog you have! I am just new to your site, and am very excited to have found it.

    I am the mother of a two year old. And have been scratching my head as to what to teach him age appropriately. I have just ordered the book The Joyful Child: age 0-3yr. Thank you for all your fun ideas and examples. I would love to see a far away picture of your craft/play room to see how it looks overall in proportion to O.

    I, too, am expecting again, and am also, due the same month (one year later) that I had my miscarriage.(mine ended at 7 1/2 weeks, but didn't find out until my first doctor appointment, at 9 1/2 weeks.) I see you had one too. I am sorry for your loss, but excited for you to have another one. My miscarried pregnancy was the reason I even started my own blog.

    I look forward to hearing more of your fun activities, and when you finally have your little kicker. :)

  11. These are gorgeous and best of luck for the upcoming arrival....soo exciting.

  12. Super Cute - FYI another mom's blog loves to re-use ceral boxes and she recently posted about the chemical preservative BHT that is sprayed on most cereal bags.

  13. I am crazy in love with these! Thankfully a friend just had a baby so I think I'll get to whip some out. I linked to this post on my weekly roundup here

  14. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!!! Inspired by it I made a similar toy for my little man!

    He loves it! :-)

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