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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Amazing Action Alphabet

A reader sent us The Amazing Action Alphabet flip chart and cd a few months ago, and these are great products! The Amazing Action Alphabet uses a multisensory approach to teaching letter names and sounds. Children see the letters, hear the sounds in a story, and then do an action. Learning is most effective when material is presented through the use of several senses.

I accepted this product for review because I knew O would love it even though she already knew her letters and letter sounds. I was right...she does love it, and I wish I'd had it sooner. It's fun to play the cd while flipping through the flip chart, and I'm looking forward to introducing letters and sounds to E using this method.

I have only a couple of complaints...I really wish the flipchart had a built in stand instead of lying flat (I guess I'm spoiled by all of the testing manuals that I use because they all have built in stands). Also, a couple of the stories were a little difficult to understand because the voices were a little strange (the main one that I didn't like was A). However, most of the stories (and voices) were great. Overall, this is a great product, and the price is right. I hope you'll check it out and let me know if you like it, too.


  1. It looks like fun, but it looks like the focus is on capitals? I'm hoping to start with lowercase next time.

  2. At what age do you will you introduce this to E?

  3. I am such a sucker! LOL! I was once a teacher and am now mom to a 2 year old -- and I often see things and think - Man, I should have come up with that idea! I just bought the chart, activity book and the cd. Looks like a great product and reviews I read elsewhere were great, too. The price can't be beat! Thanks for sharing it -- and I sent a little love comment about reading this on your blog in my order. :)

  4. LOVE your header!!! check out my header and you can finally see my girls after how many years. :)

    Going to check this out looks like something Gidget would love

  5. Evenspor- It has capitals and lowercase that you introduce together.

    I'm not sure when I'll introduce this to just depends on when she seems interested. O was VERY interested in letters shortly before she turned 2, but we'll just have to wait and see with E :)