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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Painting with Yogurt

Since both girls were taking their 1st antibiotics, I'd been trying to get them to eat lots of yogurt. Since we needed a fun activity to do, I decided to let them finger paint with yogurt.

O and I put out 3 plates of plain yogurt. We tried to color one plate of yogurt purple with blueberries, but it didn't work that well. We made one plate of yogurt brown with chocolate syrup, and we left one plate of yogurt white. I taped a big piece of paper to the floor of the screened porch, and O dove right in. E was a little more hesitant. O smeared the yogurt on the paper and all over herself. She rubbed it into her arms and said it was yogurt lotion.

The girls had a lot of fun with this activity. We didn't get any great artwork out of it, but it was all about the experience, not the art :) Also, this was a great sensory experience for the kiddos. We may try painting with pudding once E is a little older and can eat pudding.


  1. Fun activity! "Yogurt Lotion" makes me smile. I hope your girls are feeling a lot better now.

  2. We've found that raspberries are great for making yogurt pink. I've never had much luck with blueberries, though. We haven't done painting with yogurt, but my daughter loves raspberries with greek yogurt and a little honey and clamors for me to "make it pink, mama!".

  3. try painting with chocolate (we bought the ready-to-drink-extrathick-type chocolate here in Spain (When chocolate dries it doesn't go mouldy for months and smells beautifully!)
    Thanks for inspiring me all the way in Spain. My son and I have copied sooo many ideas from you.

  4. that would be a sensory delight!!! Great idea!
    (and something that baberella can do by our side)!!!
    :) Maureen