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Sunday, June 6, 2010

MMM...Smells Good!

I recently found a set of 6 glass spice jars at the thrift store, and I could not resist buying them to set up a scent sniffing activity for E.

To set up this activity, I put a cotton ball with a different scent in each bottle. (I plan to change the scents every couple of weeks). Right now the bottles have the following scents: vanilla, apricot oil, banana flavoring, pineapple flavoring, tea tree oil, and rubbing alcohol. O, E, and I sat in a circle and passed the bottles around and talked about the scents. O and I described what we smelled...she said the rubbing alcohol smelled "horrible," and the vanilla smelled "sweet." Matching scents is one of O's favorite Montessori activities, so she was very excited that "baby sister" has a similar activity for her shelf.


  1. Aw-thats great.I love the pic too!

  2. I love the eyes closed. It's so cute.

  3. Such a wonderful idea. The picture is super cute!

  4. I would love to know what you put out for the baby. My daughter is 12 months old & I'm always looking for new ideas. Thanks! :)