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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Imbucare Box

We gave E this Imbucare Box for Christmas, and I introduced it to her last week (I found it for around 5 dollars and could not resist buying it for her). She LOVES it! I think I may have another Montessori girl on my hands!


  1. Hi Melissa!! Always enjoy reading your posts!! lOVE this pic, she's so cute and Big!! and of course!!!... another Montessori Girl!!yea!!!!!

  2. I love how my baby is the same age as E! That velcro activity is great. I also had a question. I find that all my items from IFIT smell really bad. Did that baby imbucare box also smell? Is it unpainted?

    Thanks :)

  3. Yay for Montessori! This is awesome.She is going to have such fun with it!

  4. Becky, if the equipment smells bad, do not use it!!! I have traveled to China for about 8 years now for an educational TV program. We started noticing weird smells with everything from tennis shoes to cups. The smell comes from the toxins in the glue, paint, or other contents (perhaps the wood is a composite with glue or it has been processed to make it dry faster, after the tree was cut).

    A recent NYTimes article discussed fake tennis shoes and glue, in case you're interested:

    DIY Imbucare boxes out of oatmeal containers, for example, are much safer and provide the same benefits. You can pull off the labels, paint them with child-safe paint, etc.