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Friday, September 24, 2010

Painting on Canvas

The girls had a great time painting on stretched canvases this week, and I'm excited to have new art to hang on our walls! I decided to do this art project outside by the lake for easy clean-up, and I'm SO glad that I did!

The hand of a true artist! E was covered in paint, and she tasted it, too, of course.

After O finished her painting, she painted herself. She painted her hands, feet, and legs. Again, I was SO glad that we did this project outside, and I was so glad that it was warm enough to go swimming after we finished!

The girls were proud of their masterpieces!

This one is by Baby E (12 months old).

And this one is O's (4 years old).

After they finished their artwork, we went swimming and caught a baby soft shell turtle!

O named him Buddy (she names all turtles Buddy), and we observed him for about 10 minutes before letting him go. Evidently he lives on our beach because O accidentally caught him again today! She scooped up a cup of sand, and then said in an almost scared voice "Look! There's something in here!" The turtle was buried in the sand with only his head peeking out. We watched him for a while again before letting him go. Hopefully, we'll see him again tomorrow :)


  1. Beautiful - and what I wouldn't give to live somewhere where you could actually catch baby turtles! Seems so exotic to me.

  2. So cute canvas! Do you use tempera paint on canvas or acrylic?

  3. Jenny- We caught the turtle again today! It is wonderful to live where the kids can catch turtles in their front yards :)

    Carine- We used tempera paint.

  4. What type of paint did you end up using? I just bought some canvases on sale at Michaels but wasn't sure what paint would work best with the little guys.

  5. oh wait - duh! i just saw your answer. thanks!