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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Putting Objects in a Large Container

E is REALLY into putting objects into containers and then taking them out again. Since this is her area of interest, I've been focusing on this for most of her activities. When I saw this large container at my mom's house, I knew it would be perfect for E. (the container came from Sam's Club and held pretzels). For the first couple of weeks that we had the container, we just put various objects in it and rolled it around on the floor and shook it. This was a lot of fun, but not as much fun as it could be...

So, I asked Elliott to cut a square hole in the side (I try to avoid cutting things with large knives, if at all possible, since my finger incident). After he cut the hole, I covered the sharp, plastic edges with duct tape. I gave E a basket of toys and showed her how to drop them in and then take them out of the hole.

I love that this container is large enough for her to use a variety of toys and objects that are not chokable.


  1. We have that container! We use it with our water play materials but since summer is almost over I may have to cut a hole in it and see what Avery thinks of this activity.

  2. I love your version! Ours is a hinged shoe box with shapes cut in the lid (so he just opens the lid to take them out), but it has suffered some major wear and tear. I think yours will hold up better. :)

  3. great idea..I will make this activity with my next baby(in the future).

  4. My baby loved to do this as well. Thanks for the great idea!