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Monday, February 13, 2012

"D" Week

E(2) received her "D" ABC Fun Pack a few weeks ago, and she really enjoyed it!

I'm going to try to stay on each letter for a week rather than 3 or 4 weeks like I've done in the past.  The problem is that I keep thinking of more and more fun activities, so we are slow to move on to the next letter.  E already knows most of the letters, so a week is more than long enough to focus on one letter, and I really want to finish all 26 letters before she turns 3 (because I already have her next "subscription" planned, and I want to be finished with the ABC fun pack before I start the next fun pack subscription).

So, here's D...

Tracing the sandpaper letter d.

She loved playing with the D objects, and she especially loved the dogs, dolphins, and ducks.

E's favorite thing in her ABC fun pack was the dinosaur egg!  She put it in a jar of water and waited for it to hatch.  She kept asking "Can I take it out now?"  30 seconds later "Now?"  and on and on and on... She was thrilled when she saw the dinosaurs head breaking through the egg the day after she put it in the water!

She loved spreading out the dinosaur cards and looking at and talking about them all. 

She loved playing with her "Dress-Up Dolls" (paper dolls). 

We played with our mama duck and baby ducklings and read the companion book. 

We found diamond shapes around the house using our diamond "window."

E really loves her dog stickers and sticker book. 

We had fun looking at dinosaur reels using the viewmaster. 

We read Dancing with Degas every day.  She LOVES this book!

E(2) has 3 books from the Mini Masters series, and she loves all of them (and we hope to get more of them for Easter and birthdays!).  A few days ago, she said she was doing something (I can't remember what) "like Picasso."  Just last night she pointed to a pic of a Degas' painting of ballerinas and said "that's Degas!"


  1. Love your ideas. Could you please tell me where you get the abc packages from?

  2. This is a fantastic idea. I too am curious to know if you purchased these packs from somewhere or you put them together yourself.

  3. I put the packages together myself. I usually include a printable or 2 along with several objects or activities related to the specific letter. It's simple to put together and she loves it! The most exciting part of it is that I put the package in her mailbox, and she LOVES to check her mailbox!

  4. Such a fun way learn the alphabet! I remember playing dress ups with paper dolls. The dolls here are a lot more polished than the paper dolls I used to play with.

  5. WOW! You are PRECISELY the blog I've been looking for! My 2 year old is ready for more intentional letter work and now I"m inspired! Thank you! Off to read more of your posts :)

  6. HI! I just want to know where you bought your mama duck and ducklings toy. Thanks