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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Typical Morning

I receive many, many emails asking what a typical day looks like for the girls and me.  I never really know how to respond because each day is different, and I'm always trying to find a schedule that really suits us.  However, we've fallen into a fairly typical morning routine that I'll share with you...

After E(2) and I drop O(5) off at Montessori Preschool, we come home and do housework for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Usually, E loves to help me.  She enjoys carrying the dirty clothes to the laundry room and stuffing them into the washing machine.  She likes pushing in the drawer containing the detergent and closing the door of the washing machine.  She also loves to put the wet clothing into the dryer, clean the lint filter, and close the dryer door.

Another favorite "chore" is cleaning the toilets.  When she hears me cleaning the toilets, she always runs to help.  She's gotten pretty good at scrubbing cabinet doors, and I'm planning to teach her to dust.  She does a good job with the power sweeper, and she's getting better about picking up her toys and books.

After we finish cleaning, we go upstairs (our laundry room is downstairs and the den and kitchen are upstairs) to play.  While I straighten up the kitchen, she has independent free play.  She usually chooses to build with her unit blocks, play pretend with her small animals, or look at books.

After I finish in the kitchen, I sit down with her near her Montessori shelf.  If she's interested in doing Montessori "work", we'll sit together on a rug and choose work.  She usually only chooses 2 or 3 works per day (if she chooses any at all).  If she is interested in working on her letter of the week, I'll read to her from our book and offer letter activities to her.  We usually spend no more than 45 minutes per day doing Montessori or letter of the week "work."  Often, we'll spend our time doing puzzles and playing with blocks and completely forget about the letter activities and Montessori shelf work :)

Here's the work that she chose one day a few weeks ago...

She loves cutting!

It's been months since she chose these fine motor works, and I was glad to see that she still really enjoys them.

At around 11am, we'll usually gather a bunch of books and snuggle on the couch for our morning read-a-thon.  This is our favorite part of the morning, and we usually read aloud for about an hour before going to pick O up from school.

When the weather is nice, we spend less time cleaning and doing activities and more time outside.  I love to take E for daily kayak rides in the lake.  I really miss those rides, and I can't WAIT until the weather is nice enough to get back into that routine!

So, there's a typical morning for E(2) and me.  It's pretty simple.  I feel strongly that most of her time should be spent engaging in pretend play, playing outside, and being read to from high quality children's books.

Oh, and we also spend lots of time listening to music and dancing!  She has been completely obsessed with The Nutcracker Ballet for months, so we play lots of ballet music and spend LOTS of time dancing!


  1. roaHi!

    It's how I Montessori at home too! my daughter has always be free to choose to work or not! And she is now 4 years old, and still learns a lot from play and from work!

  2. i am a long time reader and follower of your blog. i must thank you for all the wonderful and inspirational ideas/activities that you come up with. i particularly liked the post on the peace basket and cannot wait to make one of my own for my 2 girls.

  3. i've been following your blog for awhile now and can honestly say it's my favorite parenting resourse. i am truly grateful for all the wonderful ideas. thank you! i'm wondering if you have a resource you use for finding quality children's literature. if so, would you mind sharing it? thanks so much!