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Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Craft Basket

The girls were THRILLED when we put together this basket full of Valentine's Day card making supplies!  The basket includes pink, white, and red construction paper, heart doilies, Valentine's stickers, glue sticks, scissors, glitter, and Valentine's cupcake liners (E's favorite).

Both girls got right to work!  O(5) cranked out at least 10 Valentine's on the first day.  She was so proud and sweet when she gave us our heart cards.  She made a small one for E (while E was in the middle of a tantrum), and E(2) threw it to the floor.  O ran upstairs and made her a bigger heart to make her feel better because she was afraid E was upset that she'd gotten a small heart when the rest of us got big hearts.  I love my sweet girl.  E later apologized and hugged her sister.

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