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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Balloon Surprise Gift

Our niece turned 8 a few weeks ago, and I wanted to make something special and exciting for her.  It's harder and harder to think of handmade gifts for as she gets older, so when I saw this balloon surprise idea on Pinterest I was very excited!

To make this gift, you need balloons, a small gift (money or coupons for activities), and confetti.

The girls LOVED participating in making this special gift for their cousin!  E(2) and I worked on it while O(5) was at school one morning.

First, E(2) pushed confetti into the balloon using a funnel and a pen.  She was SO proud!

We put a dollar or a coupon for an activity into each balloon with the confetti.  After E put the confetti and money (or coupon) in the balloon, I blew up the balloon and tied it.

O(5) and I finished putting the surprise gift balloons together after she got home from school.  She also loved making the balloons.  We forgot to bring the confetti with us (we were at the girls' grandparents house), so we put sprinkles in each balloon along with money or a coupon for an activity.

O rolled each dollar before sliding it into the balloon.

She had fun pouring in LOTS of sprinkles into each balloon!

Here is our finished gift...a bag full of balloons!

The birthday girl and her cousins had SO much fun popping the balloons to find the surprises inside!

This gift was a huge hit, and I'm looking forward to making a slightly modified version for my girls' birthdays this summer!!!


  1. Fabulous idea. The girls could participate and it is easy to make the gift as expensive or inexpensive as you wish. I'll try this! Renee

  2. Anastasia@healthymamainfo.comMay 9, 2012 at 12:28 AM

    This is very creative! I'm sure my kids would love to receive balloons full of surprises!