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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Painting Like Monet

We studied Monet (briefly) during the month of March. We read a library book about Monet's life. Then we took O(5)'s art set and easel out to our boat and set up a floating art studio just like Monet! O was very excited and she LOVED working on her painting "just like Monet."
(The boat was actually beached and not floating which is why she is not wearing her life jacket)
E(2) painted, too, and she said that she was "painting like Degas!"
O painted the water and the reflection of the sunlight in the water. She used several different mediums (acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, pastels, etc.) and paintbrushes to complete her masterpiece.
And here is E(2)'s masterpiece.
We are making Monet inspired art at O(5)'s Montessori school this week, so I'll post about that project later this week. 


  1. What fun! You have some cute little artists! Renee

  2. Anastasia@healthymamainfo.comMay 3, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    This is a fantastic way to teach kids about famous artists, and art itself!