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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cultural Exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time!  I've been telling everyone for more than 6 months that the next cultural exchange would start around February, but we got derailed by Elliott's brain tumor.  So, now it's time!!!   Here's how it will go...

I will group people into groups of 4.  Each person (family) will send out 3 packages and will receive 3 packages to their group members from around the world.

Each package should include the following:

- a letter from a child describing his/her life in his/her country...favorite foods, sports, activities, religious activities, daily schedule, school, vacations...anything that you or your child think would be interesting to a child in another country.

- Pics of your child in his home, etc.  You don't have to send close-up face pics if you are not comfortable doing so.

- Postcards, stamps, coins,

- craft, coloring sheets, small toys or games, small books

- cds of your child's favorite music or books on cd (we received several of these and LOVE them)

- recipes, pics of food specific to your region

- anything else that you think would be fun for a child to receive

PLEASE do not sign up if you do not intend to send any packages!!!!   In the last exchange we sent 19 packages (WAY too many and it was very overwhelming), and only received 15.   We want everyone to receive the same number that they send, especially since the groups are smaller this time.

If you would like to participate please email me at  Please send your name and address and your child's name and age.

I'm hoping to organize the groups as I receive the emails rather than waiting to get all of the names and arranging the groups.  I think (hope) it will be more manageable this way.  Please make sure to email me at the cultural exchange address and not my typical email address.   Please ask questions in the comments section, but send your information via email only!

Click here to see our posts about our cultural exchange packages and cultural activities.


Edit to add:  45 minutes in and we have LOTS of Americans and only 1 international participant!  International readers we NEED you!!!!   PLEASE sign up for the exchange.  It's fun!  I promise!!!


  1. I sent an email to but it was returned?! I forwarded it to your regular email.
    mrsjohnson05 AT gmail DOT com

  2. I realized as soon as I published the post that I'd typed the new email address wrong! I'm so sorry. It's fixed now. Please send your info to I'll get it at the other address, but I'd rather they all be in one place so I don't accidentally leave someone out!

  3. Is this open to teachers as well? I have a group of children ranging 2-3 years old and think this would be loads of fun for not only the children in my class but also to share with others in the center! I know it would be a little bit of a different package because there would be more than one child and more than one home etc but I think it would be a lot of fun and a great way to get our parents involved in what we are doing in class. I would obviously need to ask for permission before sending out pictures etc but I know I have a few families that would be willing to participate and share family photos etc.

  4. I would join from Germany. But my little guy is too young to write a letter.

  5. Lost in Translation - No problem! Just write it from his perspective :) We've had LOTS of participants with kids who were too little to actually write the letters. And we need you! We need many, many more international participants! Please spread the word among your friends!

  6. TwoTimesTwelve- Yes, it's open to teachers. I had a few teachers last time.

  7. We are American but living in Japan on assignment with the military. Since we're not native Japanese we would have a different kind of box than a Japanese family, but we can gather lots of unique Japanese things if that will help!

  8. Milwife Mama of One- THat will be back great! Please email me your address and info.

  9. What a wonderful thing... I would love to participate, but I think my 2 yr old is a bit too young to know whats going on... maybe next year or so?? would love to do it.

  10. Just sent an email to sign up. Coming to you from Japan as well.

  11. What a great project! I would love to participate but my little one is only 2 and would not quite know what is going on yet. Maybe next time you do this we can join in!!

  12. We are American military in England and can do it from an English perspective since we have been here for 9, (cough, ehem)years now!

  13. Do you have a timeframe in mind for the packages to be sent? I think my kids would love to be involved (we're from the UK)but it would take us a while to put everything together.

  14. Hello. This would be a lovely addition to my homeschooling program. I have already sent you an email. We are in Tasmania, Australia! Looking foward to hearing from you and getting started.

  15. Hola Melissa, te volvi a enviar un email al correo que pones como referente, quisiera saber si lo recibiste y si podre participar, saludos desde Peru.