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Saturday, May 19, 2012

International/USA Cultural Exchange Update

Thanks to everyone who is participating in the International/USA Cultural Exchange.  I need to clarify about a few things...

This exchange will be ONGOING...if you have not received an email with your group members information, that does not mean that you will not be put into a group.  I am forming the groups as I get participants.  I am NOT setting a cut-off date.  After you are placed in a group, you are encouraged to communicate with your group members as to when you should send your packages.  So, if you would like to participate and have not emailed me yet, please do so at  

I am trying to make the international groups as diverse as possible...which means that I need 3 international participants for every 1 American.  This is why the forming of the groups is slow-going.  Also, it takes a while to sort through the emails to put people from different countries together (PLEASE put your country in the subject line of your email...this makes it SO much faster to organize groups).  So far, I have formed 17 International Culture Exchange Groups.  I have not yet started to form the USA only groups.  If you would like to be in a USA only group, please put USA only in your subject line along with your state.

If you are representing a country other than America and would like to be placed in more than 1 group, please let me know.  This is VERY do-able :)  Also, please spread the word about the exchange among your family and friends.  Having very diverse groups, makes this so fun and exciting.  I'm excited to have participants from the following countries:  France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Argentina, Israel, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Austria, Poland, Italy, India, Philippines, Brazil, Canada, and the USA.

Thanks again to everyone who is participating!


  1. I am excited to see Italy on this list. I personally have a high interest about Italy and would love a package. I have had my fingers crossed since signing up for the exchange that I would have someone in my group from there, seeing people there are responding gives me hope that I may indeed get lucky!

  2. Hola Melissa, te volvi a enviar un email al correo que pones como referente, quisiera saber si lo recibiste y si podre participar, saludos desde Peru.

  3. Thanks for organizing this! We're one of your US participants and I did a blog post about our parcel. We're looking forward to what we'll get in the mail. Thanks again!