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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monet Inspired Art Project

My mom, E(2), and I joined O(5) and her friends at her school last week to complete a Monet inspired art project.  The idea for the project came from this book.

On the night before the project, my mom and I spent about an hour tearing strips of blue, green, and purple tissure paper to represent the water in the project.  We also tore green and pink tissue paper into circles to use for lily pads and flowers. 

When we got to the school, we put out a piece of blue construction paper at each child's place along with a bunch of strips of tisue paper and several circles of tissue paper.  They had cups of glue and q-tips for spreading the glue.  The q-tips didn't work that well, so we switched to paintbrushes.

The children glued down the strips to represent water and then glued the lily pads and flowers on top of the water.  This was a simple and fun project. 

Here's is E(2)'s masterpiece.

E(2) REALLY enjoyed this project, and she worked on her art longer than most of the Montessori students. She said that the bigger lily pads were the mamas and the smaller ones were the babies. That night at supper, when I asked her what her "treasure" of the day was, she said "making lily pads." When I asked which artist we studied, she quickly said "Monet!"

Here is O(5)'s masterpiece.   O also loved this activity...I think it's one of the most successful art projects we've done at O's school this year!

We have really enjoyed studying famous artists with O and her friends at school, and we are looking forward to continuing these projects with the Montessori children next school year!

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