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Sunday, August 19, 2012

All Around the World Sticker Book

I was asked to choose and review an item from Timberdoodle, and I chose the All Around the World Sticker book!

This sticker book is perfect to take on vacations and road trips, and it has already traveled through 4 different states and 2 different vacations with us!

The girls were especially excited about the desert habitat since we have been studying Egypt.  Every time E(2) saw a body of water she insisted "That's the Nile River!"  (She's a little obsessed with Egypt right now).

Here is a description of the book from Timberdoodle...
"The 400 quirky animal stickers will make those scenes pop and will spark curiosity about the harmony between the wildlife and the environments in which they thrive. On the reverse side of the panoramas are large outline pictures of animals to complete and color. The only words in the entire All Around the World book are the names of these 24 animals in fanciful script." 

We've had fun creating sticker stories from this book.  After the girls have placed the stickers where they want them, I'll tell a story based on the scene.  I couldn't get them to tell any stories, but they LOVED for me to tell them stories.

The 8 large fold out scenes include the Amazon Rainforest, the tropical sea, the Sahara Desert, the Australian Outback, the Arctic, the countryside, the African savannah, and the North American forest.  The stickers are a little thin and a few of them tore, but the girls didn't seem bothered by this at all.  Overall, this is a great product, and both of my girls (ages 2 and 6) LOVE it!

This product was sent to me free of charge for a review. I was not paid for the review and it reflects my honest opinions.