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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"On the Banks of the Nile"

O(6) received several ancient Egyptian playmobil sets from her grandparents for her birthday, and we have had SO much fun playing with them!  (I am somewhat addicted to playmobil now)  We took some of the figures down to our beach and had fun playing "On the banks of the Nile."

I can't wait until E(2)'s bday in September...she's getting the Pharoah's temple and Egyptian family!  I love that the girls can read about the ancient Egyptian times, and then act them out so easily and with so much fun.  We were all VERY excited to discover that the Egyptian tomb (which is really more like a house) has a shaduf in the yard!  

Here are the sets that we have (or will have). Many of the Egyptian items are on sale at the Playmobil website. 

I've only been able to find the Egyptian family on Amazon...I think it's discontinued.

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