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Thursday, August 30, 2012

American Girl Fun Packs

O(6) received a Kaya fun pack as her first monthly American Girl fun pack (this mama made "subscription" was one of her 6th birthday gifts).  In her first package, she received Kaya paper dolls (bought from ebay), a couple of Kaya stickers (from Michael's), and a Native American toob.

We have had fun reading about Kaya and pretending to be Kaya this month!  One day last week, we pretended to be Kaya and her family all day.  O(6) was Brown Deer, E(2) was Kaya (she always insists that she is Kaya), and I was Eetsa (the mom).  E called me "Pizza" all day, and it was incredibly cute.  O and I kept smiling at each other in that "isn't she cuuute?" kind of way :)

I braided both girls hair, and they wore their moccasins.

O wore her Native American dress (making a similar dress for E is on our to-do list!).  O gathered grass for making baskets and stew.

We planned to build a teepee, but the ground was saturated, so we decided that our treehouse made a good Native American home.   The girls gathered twigs for a pretend fire and leaves for a stew.  I "ground" the leaves and other stew ingredients.

Everybody wanted a turn grinding up the food.

Then the girls started making baskets.  They shredded bark that they gathered and gathered straw.

The girls are now obsessed with making baskets, and they are having SO much fun!

I changed my role from Eetsa to Kautsa (Kaya's grandmother) and read stories to them from a Kaya book while they worked.

We had an afternoon thunderstorm, so we went inside to play with O's Kaya paper dolls.  We all sat on the kitchen floor together and spent almost 2 hours cutting out the paper dolls and accessories while listening to 2 Kaya books via Tales 2 Go on the ipad.  O and I divided the cutting duties while E arranged the paper dolls and accessories.  Surprisingly, E seems to love the paper dolls even more than O does...Luckily, O has not hesitated to share with her!

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  1. You have the best ideas! That looks so much fun.

  2. My daughter and I have been loving following your idea of doing the ABC fun pack you did this past year with E but I was wondering, with all fo these awesome subscriptions, how do you present them to the girls? Is it just a special box they open on specific mornings?

  3. Do you use other AG minis for other lessons? This seems like a very interactive way to present history and other life ways.