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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spark! Story Starter Cards

The girls' pediatrician gave us this fun story starter card set when we went for an appointment many months ago, and we really love it!

O(6) LOVES for us to tell us stories, and she is ALWAYS asking for stories.  We try to get her to tell stories, but she never will.  However, she WILL tell stories when I bring out the Spark cards!  (This makes me really happy!)

I like to bring out the Spark cards during breakfast.  It helps our day get off to a good start!

E(2) likes to play Spark, too, but I can't get her to give me any original stories!  She just repeats whatever O says :)

I think these cards will be a great addition to our Language Arts shelf (if we ever get the schoolroom of my dreams)...I plan to put a few cards along with markers, paper, and an ipod so that O can record and draw her stories.  Then, when she is interested in writing, I'll put out a few cards with blank books, so that she can write her stories.  Fun times ahead!

Here's a link to all of the Spark cards options...there's even an app!

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  1. Wow! Looks like a great tool for engaging kids and getting them to think out of the box! Thanks! Renee