Chasing Cheerios

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Clay Tablets

After reading about the Sumerians writing on clay tablets and the Ancient Egyptians making clay bowls, we decided to make our own.  We had fun getting very messy!  I made several tablets, and O(6) made her handprint on one.  O tried to make a couple of bowls, but they fell apart.

E(2) loved writing on the tablets with twigs.

We traced her hand.

O asked if she could put clay on her face, and she seemed surprised when I said yes.  Then she seemed REALLY surprised when she asked if she could put clay in her hair and I said yes!

E quickly copied her and covered her hair with clay, too.  It was a fun and messy afternoon!

After they washed off in the lake, got sprayed off with the waterhose, and had a shower, we had a snack and watched a show about ancient Egypt via Discovery Streaming.  Since we'd read about the Ancient Egyptians eating figs, I went out to our fig tree and picked a few figs (the girls were too hot and tired to join was close to 100 degrees).  They don't really like figs, so I put cheese on them, and O loved them.  E ate the cheese, but not the figs.


  1. Great pictures! Love the clay head! So much fun! I guess figs are an acquired taste - I love them! Fabulous idea. Renee

  2. Thanks, Renee! I love figs, too! I'm surprised that O doesn't love them, but I'm not surprised about E...she's a little more picky.