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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toddler "School"

E(2) and I have fun having "school" together during the afternoons while O(5) listens to audio books on the ipad (tales 2 go...this is O's favorite part of the day!  That girl LOVES to listen to audio books!).   E likes to pretend that she is the "mama."

She was teaching me how to sew.  I love for her to be the mama or cute!

She really loved matching these art cards (from A Bit of This and That)!  E(2) especially loves the Degas cards, and we spent some time looking at the painting and talking about it.

She had fun playing with our water beads.  It's fun to squeeze them in our hands.  (Don't leave your child unsupervised with waterbeads...they look like candy!)

We had lots of fun playing with blocks, and then we really enjoyed making the block patterns while looking at the pattern cards.

One of E's favorite activities is playing with unit much fun, and she's learning so much through this free and independent play.  This is one her recent "houses."  She was SO proud of herself!

Sorting silverware is always fun!

Matching animals in her animal flip book.

E spends the vast majority of her time engaging in pretend play, listening to me read aloud, dancing, and playing outside.  However, she does enjoy having "school"  a few times a week (for maybe 20 to 30 minutes at a just depends on the day).  She spends maybe 5 to 10 minutes per week on printables (worksheets)...she likes them, but I am careful to not overdo this type of activity at her age.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into what sweet E has been up to in our "Lakeside Homeschool!"

Here is the link to E's blocks (per email request from a reader).

These are not the exact blocks that we have, but they are similar.  

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