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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cultural Exchange...Jordan!

The girls and I are excited about our cultural exchange package from Jordan!  We have had fun exploring all of the items in the package, reading the letter, and finding Jordan on our Smartglobe.  O(5) especially loves listening to the national anthems of the different countries that we study on the globe.

There were lots of postcards in the package!

and tons of pictures!

O(5) LOVES this Jordanian flag bracelet.

A couple of fun sticker books for the girls!

Jordanian coloring pages...the girls love to color flag pictures

We now have several fun recipes to try!

We love these postcards.

Candy from Jordan...the girls were SO excited about this!

A camel figurine

a rock from the Dead Sea...SO cool (especially when paired with a picture of the little girl throwing rocks into the Dead Sea!)

Jordanian coins

More coloring sheets with interesting information

We had lots of fun practicing saying words in Jordanian Arabic.

In addition to the items pictured, they also sent a small Jordanian flag and a tile with an olive tree.  The girls love both of these things and were playing with them (which is why I don't have a picture of them).  They also included a wonderful, detailed letter.  This was a fantastic cultural exchange package!

Thank you SO much to our new Jordanian friends!  Also, as an extra bonus, they sent a second package because the first one took so long to arrive (we thought it was lost).  It arrived the day before she was going to send the second package, so she decided to go ahead and send both.  I'll give the girls the 2nd package in another week or so.

I hope these pictures will help those of you who are participating in the cultural exchange know what to send!  This was the perfect package!

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