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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Halloween Balloon Countdown

Since O's birthday balloon countdown has been such a hit with both of our girls, I have started thinking about  a time we could do this activity (other than birthdays).  I don't want to overdo it, but I think 3 times a year would be perfect AND I think Halloween would be the perfect holiday for a balloon countdown!

Here is my plan... (I don't usually share ideas before I do them, but I decided to this time just in case anyone else wants to give this a try).  I'll use orange and black balloons and alternate colors on the balloon garland.  In each balloon will be a few pieces of candy (a big deal around here since they don't get it that often) and a slip of paper describing an activity.  I LOVE candy corn and candy pumpkins, so that is what I'll put in the balloons.

Here is the list of activities so far...

a trip to a pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin
carve a jack o'lantern
make glow in the dark slime (putty)
make pumpkin pie playdough
watch a (non scary) Halloween movie outside via the projector and eat pumpkin poop (cheeze puffs)
nighttime driveway bowling with glow sticks
bake and decorate Halloween cookies
paint faces
make and eat caramel apples
make a Halloween ghost tree

When I was talking this idea over with O(5), she asked if they would get a can of whipped cream to spray in their mouths (that has been her absolute favorite birthday balloon activity/gift...she said "that was the best day  ever" and today when I let them have another mouthful of whipped cream she said "you really are a good mom!")  Anyway, I said that a can of whipped cream didn't seem very "Halloweeny," and she said "It is if you put orange and black sprinkles on top!"  So, we may add a can of redi-whip and Halloween sprinkles to our list of Halloween activities/gifts :)