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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Studying The Vikings

The girls and I started studying the Vikings in February through reading Leif the Lucky.

Both girls LOVED this book, and we read it very frequently (until we had to return it to the library).  I loved listening to my 2 year old tell me all about the Vikings based on what she learned from this book!

In addition to reading Leif the Lucky, O(5) and I started a lapbook.  All of the components of the lapbook came from Dynamic 2 is the link. This is a WONDERFUL resource, and it was a fantastic 1st lapbook for us to make!  Once Elliott was diagnosed with his brain tumor in February, we put all of this on hold.  We finally picked it back up and finished the lapbook about a month ago!  O was SO proud!

In addition to Leif the Lucky, we have read several other books on Vikings that we enjoyed.  Here are the links to a few of them...

In addition to reading lots of books and making a lapbook, we had LOTS of fun exploring a Vikings Treasure Chest that I bought off ebay.

O and I had fun playing a Viking game included in the treasure chest.

The girls also enjoyed coloring pics of Viking longships while I read to them about Vikings. 

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