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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Homeschool Moments

O(6) woke up before E one morning and had a great time playing with the Handwriting without Tears letter forms while I made breakfast. This is her monkey.

She was practicing her handwriting while discreetly wiggling her two front teeth.

We had fun playing with the sight words power tower.

O reviewed simple addition with her math wrap-ups.

We've played and built structures on the light table.  We reviewed colors and shapes with E as we played.

E loves these blocks.

O(6) reads leveled readers from Reading A to Z on the ipad.  We like how we can enlarge the words that she is reading.

We all really enjoyed studying the Vikings.

We made slime!

We learned that it will stretch if you pull it apart slowly or let it hang, but it rips if you pull it apart quickly.  They thought it was absolutely hilarious when I pretended to sneeze the slime out of my nose :)

We had fun making spin art!

We learned that pumice floats.

O likes working with the Rightstart abacus.

O loves to carry baskets on her head while pretending that she is an African lady.

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  1. So fun! I really love the light blocks, that is on my wish list for sure.