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Monday, July 2, 2012

Edible Artwork...Painting Their Breakfast

When I saw this fun painting activity on Pinterest, I knew I was going to have to break my "no artificial colors" rule for the girls.  (and I'm SO glad I did...we all had fun with this one!)

I filled 4 small glasses with milk and food coloring, gave the girls a few paintbrushes, and whole wheat bread, and they got to work!

I was afraid that the colors wouldn't show up that well on the whole wheat bread, but I think they look great.

O(5) painted a rainbow and a landscape (her words), and E(2)'s bread was a little more abstract.  She used so much milk that she had a hole in her bread, so she said it was a her!

Since we don't waste expensive, organic milk, the girls had a color mixing lesson and poured the colored milk into their breakfast milk to drink.  E(2) poured the green and yellow milk into her milk to get a slightly lighter shade of green...surprisingly, she drank it all!  O(5) poured the red and blue colored milk into her glass, so she had purple milk...she eventually drank most of it.

After they were satisfied with their artwork, I toasted the bread.  Yummy and beautiful!

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