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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shaving Cream Fun

One of the girls favorite activities is to play with shaving cream!  They love to smear it all over their bodies, and they have fun mixing colors in it.  Fun and messy times!


  1. This one our favorite activites. Think we try the addition of colors!

  2. We do this a lot! One thing we do is to put shaving cream into the cups in muffin pans, then color the individual cups different tints. They take it in the bath with paint brushes and paint the tub and tub surround (it washes right off). They love it- it is like having a paint palette in the bath! ♥

  3. We love shaving creme, although its usually in the bath. I've never added food coloring. That's going on the list for this winter. Thanks for the idea!