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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Freezer Paper Stenciled Onesies

IMG_9164 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

I've been wanting to try freezer paper stenciling for months, but it was nearly impossible to find freezer paper! I finally found it (after about 2 months of looking), and I was pleased with how easy this project was. I stenciled these onesies for one of my best friends who is having her 1st baby girl in a couple of months. For a great tutorial on freezer paper stenciling go to My Montessori Journey.

These off center pictures are driving me crazy! I've tried resizing my pictures, but it doesn't help, so I apologize for the pictures :(


  1. they turned out great! i need to try that for the girls sweatshirts and stuff!

    my local grocery store has freezer paper so does super walmart its with the wax paper but it is freezer paper i picked it up once on accident i was wanting wax paper!

  2. I need to look harder by the wax paper apparently. I haven't found any freezer paper either. : / I am encouraged after seeing your success!

  3. I cant find freezer paper either.. I have been wanting to do it for ages too!! I thought maybe they dont sell it in australia!!

    I tried just baking paper to do my daughters number 2 on her shirt.. it worked ok, but did not stick so only good for small stencils

    they look great.. I think if I started everything would soon be covered in a stencil!!

  4. These are so cute! What kind of onesies did you use?

  5. I love them! What paint did you use?
    BTW Bobbie they do sell it in Australia- Glad Go between freezer film- well I hope its the same stuff! I found it at IGA.