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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tiny Turtle

october 2008 155 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

A few weeks ago when O's grandma, Mem, and her cousin were visiting, we went outside to play on the beach. Before we knew it, the girls were in the water! The weather was HOT, but the water was cold! The girls were excited (and O was a little scared at 1st) to find this tiny turtle on the beach. He was so cute and tiny, and his shell was still soft, so he must have been brand new!

Edit to add : Oops! We went to the aquarium this weekend and saw softshell turtles. So this little guy is a softshell turtle. I guess I should have known that, but I had no idea that there was such a thing!


  1. So cute! I have a thing for turtles.

  2. That is just too dear! My husband gave me a baby snapping turtle about that size as a present when we were dating! O must have been thrilled!

  3. oh my gosh my girls would have been so happy! that is so neat to have sea turtles in your backyard!

  4. You are so lucky to live by water like that! The turtle is just too cute!

  5. Looks like the soft shell turtles that we have around here. We saw a really really big one the other day. I love tiny little turtles.

  6. Dear Melissa:

    I wanted to send you an email, but couldn't find your address on the blog.

    I started reading your blog very recently and then, much to my concern, you posted that you would be away for a while. Then, today, I came back to your Blog only to find the reason for your absence.

    First, a big hug to you for all that you have gone through in losing your baby - you have endured emotional, physical, and psychological pain. Please understand that as time goes by, the pain will soften, although it is a pain that one can never "forget".

    I can relate to what you have gone through. This year, I had two miscarriages. They were only three months apart. The first pregnancy ended very very early, but it was deeply painful all the same. The second pregnancy was going fine, or so I thought. I had the first ultrasound at around 8 weeks, and there was a heartbeat. At the second visit which was at 10 weeks, I found out that the baby had passed away at 9 weeks. Devastating would be the only word that can describe the feeling. (I have a toddler, but before his birth, I had had another miscarriage. In sum, three total...)

    I, too, had nausea, even after I had found out that the baby had passed away. I have also put on approx. 10 lbs, which I have not been able to shed. I still feel that I am going through the grieving process, although no one around me may know.

    People may assume that you have "moved on", or may be surprized that you have not done so, but all this takes time. So, please take time to feel all that you need to feel, to honor the person that was not born, and to know that he/she is in heaven and watching over you.

    Also, I have a beautiful article that I would love to forward to you. I found it very uplifting. But if you are interested, please give me your email address by posting it here in the comments section.

    All the best to you and your family.

  7. outside the blue- Yep! He is a soft shell turtle. I had no idea (until this weekend) that there was such a thing!

    To the last commenter- Thank you very much for your words. My email address is, and I would love to hear from you and read the article. Thank you.