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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaf Rubbings

IMG_1660 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

Yesterday afternoon, O, my mom, and I took a walk to look for leaves. She was so cute, and she'd pick up a leaf, look at it, and say "that one is too crunchy." She was so excited when my dad came to visit because we'd told her that he'd love to rub leaves with her. She showed him how to do it, and he was very impressed with the finished product. My mom and dad are holding the paper still for her in this picture. This was a fun and educational fall activity!


  1. What a fun activity! We've been doing a lot of these lately.

  2. What a funny kid. with an enjoy activity.....

  3. I don't know if I commented on your blog before or if I am just "lurking"! Sorry if it is the latter - but I comment now.

    Thank you for your willingness to share your fun experiences with montessori.

    Thank you (sincerely) also for opening my heart and mind to your horrible recent experience. It helps me to further empathize with loved ones. My sister went through the same thing may years ago and lost her first baby. She was a girl. She now has three boys. Keep strong. You have a sweet, courageous little girl and family to walk you through your grieving. Aren't children absolutely wonderful?

  4. this s a real fun one!

    another fun one is to get the crunchy ones let them crush to make leaf glitter!

    i'm posting our leaf glitter craft we did tonight or tomorrow if you want to see it!

  5. What fun!
    I am really missing living in MO right now, there aren't many big Autumn leaves down her in S. Texas.

  6. We did this last week in addition to the pumpkin decorating with clay.

  7. I've got to gather some leaves...again. Seems like my boy always finds something else to do with them. :) Anyway, as I was putting out some harvest stuff (pumpkins and indian corn), I thought, hey, it would be fun to do a rubbing of indian corn.....and it was. :) Very nice rubbing with lots of fun colors. We may use the paper for wrapping gifts later in the year.